Sales Approach

At Animal Health Solutions our sales representatives have had extensive training in both animal knowledge and product specifications. Their key functions are to assess and optimise clients’
 stock holdings, impart product information and increase  consumer penetration of product ranges.

Our sales team understands the importance of having just the right levels of stock on the shelf, without being over or understocked, and will advise on expected product movement rates and optimum stock levels. They also are instrumental in training clients about all products and their benefits for particular animals.

We pride ourselves on the relationships our sales representatives foster.  An experienced sales representative is just a phone call away and they will spend the time to ensure that every question is answered and every need met.

Our goal is to make purchasing a simple, stress-free process with ongoing support as needed. We offer highly competitive prices with huge savings on large purchases and sale items. We also have attractive flexible payment options and credit facilities, online ordering and automatic reordering of high turnover products.